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Specialising in functional, site-specific environmental art and architectural commissions.

The scale of projects undertaken ranges from individual pieces of furniture to complete buildings, from concept to completion.

Naturally derived and geometric structural forms are used to explore relationships between mass, balance and strength.


We are specialists in timber engineering and are uniquely able to provide this service with a maker’s perspective.

Structural engineering design services are provided as part of our work on larger design and build projects.

Consultancy services are offered for building projects where sustainable construction techniques are a primary concern.


A hybrid of traditional techniques assisted by modern methods is used to manipulate and assemble the components.

The appearance of the joints and their functionality is a fundamental part of the design aesthetic.

Unseasoned timber is a wonderful medium for this, and its use is at the heart of the work.


Naturally durable timber species are used from managed woodland, and sourced locally wherever possible, and almost exclusively from the UK.

We undertake woodland management to provide part of our raw materials. This closeness to the raw material informs the design and making process and the wider environmental benefits of the process can be see first hand.


Andrew Trotman is a designer-maker, applying creativity, structural engineering, material knowledge and craftsmanship to a diverse range of projects. He previously worked as a building design consultant and in 2004 established his own company to combine these skills with a passion for working with wood as a primary material. He is self-taught as a maker and learns through doing, responding to the characteristics of the material.



We carry out design and make work by direct commission to both private and public clients nationwide.


We love to collaborate with other designers and makers who share the same goals and passion for their work. We are uniquely skilled to collaborate with building and landscape architects on larger projects.

Please get in touch if you think we could work together.

key collaborators

Steven Johnson, Architecture Ensemble - www.thearchitectureensemble.com

Steve is a highly creative architect specialising in the use of timber, with a broad interest in sustainable development, construction and land use. Working together, we are able to offer a unique design&build service comprising architecture, structural design and construction services. We are currently working on a number of projects together.

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rothaven  |  rossway lane  |  wigginton  |  tring
 hertfordshire  |  hp23 6gz
T +44 (0)1442 874 431
M +44 (0)7779 280 766
[email protected]